A FIT Way Of Life


Fitness Inspired Training (FIT) is a company passionate about inspiring people of all ages to be the best version of themselves including: physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Mandalena Ioannou (aka Mads), the creator of Fitness Inspired Training, has created a ‘FIT way of life’ to help bring balance to our busy lives. 
FIT provides various fitness & life coaching services in Essex/London, in person and online to help meet the needs of everyone.  Services include private 121 & group training, group exercise classes, classes & workshops for schools (pupils or staff) plus life coaching.  Please visit the pages for more info on each area above, or contact FIT. 

Move it to get through it

FIT understands the unique challenges everyone is facing during this time of uncertainty. Exercise may not solve everything but it can make a BIG difference to how you feel and as a result have a positive knock-on affect to other areas of your life.  FIT believes the focus on exercise should be “exercise for how it makes you FEEL”.  

FIT is committed to helping you “move it to get through it”. We want to do our bit to spread positivity, help you feel motivated and focused on what you CAN do.  There are several ways you can join FIT – in person and online.  

As well as live classes, FIT also offers a FIT On Demand library.   You can now workout with FIT anyway, anywhere and any time you like with on demand!  Sign up/in and see plans for more info and purchase.

Keep an eye on our social media and website for updates on classes and FREE challenges.

Commit to be FIT!


Mental wellbeing…
How you feel will have a great impact on how you look.  FIT believes your mental wellbeing comes hand in hand with your physical.
Life Coaching:
FIT offers personal life coaching and business coaching to help you feel and perform at your best, whether it’s for your personal life or business.
See the “Life Coaching” page for more info on how coaching with FIT can help.


Physical wellbeing…
FIT believes exercise should be fun and by focusing on how it makes you feel, the results will come before you realise!
We offer a variety of exercise packages and formats to help make it easier to make exercise a part of your routine.
Group exercise:
See the Group exercise page to choose from a variety of group exercise classes to join in live on Zoom. 
Being part of a community can really spur you on! 
121 & Personal Training:

For workouts tailor made to suit you. 

These sessions give you the greatest flexibility and allows your instructor to personalise your training to your needs, enjoyment and goals.  

Personal training can also be paired up with life coaching for the ultimate personal development. 


Social wellbeing…
As humans, social interaction is crucial to every aspect of our health.

Having a supportive community nurtures both emotional and physical health.

FIT has been running for 13 years and is proud of the community spirit we have grown in that time.  We have had many amazing socials to celebrate life events and have raised money for several charities.

FIT monthly membership also offers a private social media group for members to share and be supported with their goals.  

Notice Board:


Looking for some motivation to keep you moving & progressing?  Sign up now to the first FIT challenge for 2022.

The goal is to complete 2022 squats by the end of January!

You will be guided, supported and held accountable throughout the month by instructor Mandalena.

To sign up to the challenge:

1) Sign up/sign to this website. 2) Add “January 2022 squat challenge” at the bottom of the dashboard to your cart. 3) Check out (select free pick up). 4) You will receive a purchase conformation followed by info email.

Group Exercise 2022:

Online classes will resume from Friday 7th January 2022.  Keep an eye out on FIT social media pages for FREE class offers!

In person group exercise classes for adults and children will return w/c: 10th January.  

Take a look at the new timetable here.

Plans & Packages 2022:

FIT offers various training options and flexibility.  2022 plans include:

– PAYG Group exercise classes (Online/in person)

– Block Bookings (discounted) (Online/ in person)

– Online Monthly membership: Includes access all live classes online + on demand library.

– On demand library subscription: Access to on demand library 

– FULL membership (NEW): Includes access to all live in person AND online classes + on demand library.

Memberships will be available to purchase from January 9th!


See Timetable page for group exercise class options available – including online and in person.

Please read the Health screening (PAR-Q), Health & safety & Disclaimer before beginning any exercise program with FIT.

Tel. +44 7957 116452

Email: fitnessinspiredtraining@live.co.uk